Figma Flagpack — Stunning flag icons for your digital product

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2 months ago

Figma Flagpack — Stunning flag icons for your digital product. 

260+ easily implementable flag icons to use in your design or code project.

Also available for code projects

Mirror and use Flagpack's flag icons in your code project. Or install and use with just a few lines of code, available for Vue or React.

Every flag you'll ever need

With over 260 country flag icons and various additional flags such as the United Nations flag or pride flag Flagpack has everything you need.

Optimized for small sizes

Whether you’re designing or building a website, web app or other kind of UI. Flagpacks flag icon are optimized to be usable even on smaller sizes.

Change the look & feel

Change the look of the flag icons by choosing one of the sleek predefined styling effects. Or fully customize the styling to your liking.

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