Freebie Brainstorming Table Design system (Figma Template)

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3 months ago

Design by: Rusmir Arnautović

Freebie Brainstorming Table Design system (Figma Template). 

Brainstorming - Table Design system. Do you have hard time to design tables? Now you can improve your workflow with Brainstorming Table Design system. It includes everything you need to design awesome tables.

The system includes:

  • 297 different styles⁣
  • 258 components⁣
  • 204 Variants
  • bonus 15 sample table designs build based on system components for different business use.

Save time with pre-made & customisable buttons, cells, rows, and more.⁣

Each component or style is fully customisable, exceptionally easy to use and carefully layered and grouped in FIGMA. It's all you need for a quick prototype, design.⁣

Tutorial: How to use Table Design System

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