Junte UI Components kit Figma Template

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4 months ago

Junte UI Components kit Figma Template. 

Junte UI

Сollection of quality UI components for Angular with design system in Figma

We believe in brilliant 💎 code & design!

When it's combined together we are seeing awesome solutions!

Using our common design system you can build clear design and prototype of your app and then easily move into the code!


  • 50+ ready for use components
  • With variants and autolayot
  • Easy adapt for your projects
  • Theming, typography, styles
  • Big icon-set
  • Rich & fully free components collection


  • Button, Input, Select, Checkbox, Radio, Switch, Switcher, Calendar, DatePicker, Filter
  • Menu, Tabs, Accordion, Breadcrunbs, Pager, Spinner
  • Modal, Popover, Card, Block, Skeleton
  • & some more

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