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Design by: Avrora Shuhalii

Figma User Experience Processes Templates


You can modify them to suit your project's and portfolio's needs!


Here you can find 17 Figma User Experience Processes Templates made for all designers:

  1. Design Brief
  2. Point map persona
  3. Empathy Map 
  4. Value Proposition Canvas - Product
  5. Value Proposition Canvas - Customer
  6. Persona
  7. Competitors Analysis
  8. Customer Journey Map
  9. Identify Ideas
  10. Process Evaluation Matrix 
  11. User story mapping
  12. Site Map
  13. User Flow
  14. Usability testing - Preparation
  15. Usability testing - Conduct Qualitative
  16. Usability testing - Conduct Quantitative
  17. Usability testing - Report



You can choose templates that absolutely suite your project's process and use it with different transformations. 


You can use these User Experience Processes Templates for your projects to help speed up your workflow or to prepare your portfolio case ✨

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