Figma template Exodus Crypto Wallet Landing Page Freebie

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3 months ago

Figma template Exodus Crypto Wallet Landing Page Freebie. 

While I was having a bit of fun doing some designs I stumbled across Exodus Crypto Wallet and I really wanted to give it a shot. 

I made a simple landing page concept with a couple of UI elements just to see how will it look and it ended up pretty well. This is not the style they are currently doing online but I wanted to see what could be done with it. 

Maybe someone will be happy with this freebie so here, I hope it will help you. 


For some reason, all of my layers are named the same. I usually use LayerMaid Figma Plugin to help me a bit with the clean files but I don't think this should happen. 

Some details regarding the freebie:

  • Made in Figma
  • Made on 1920x1080 Artboard
  • Made with grid system (12 Columns, 8px Gutter, 50px Margin)


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